Another day (of quarantine), another project.

Today explore the latest version of the Arduino IoT Cloud (beta).

For the hardware we have the following:

  • MKR 1010
  • MKR ENV Shield
    • ST LPS22HB : atmospheric pressure
    • ST HTS221 : temperature and humidity
    • VISHAY TEMT6000 : Lux of the ambient.
    • VISHAY VEML6075 : UltraViolet wavelengths A / B
    • MicroSD card
    • Built-in RGB LED

We are attempting to use the online editor that Arduino Create provides.

Grab the code from our repo here:

Functional Goals:

  • Read temperature, humidity, ambient brightness
  • Send to cloud for display on dashboard
  • Allow user to toggle built-in RGB LED remotely
  • Record data as csv every 5 seconds to a microSD card