Myths of Running a Small Creative Business

Blog: Podcast: In this episode, we talk about new embedded development platforms from Arduino, including the Opta PLC, Uno Rev4, and the ESP32-powered Nano. We also dive into some myths about running a small creative business, from bosses and work hours to the impacts of the AI revolution.

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I was fortunate enough to acquire a Makera Carvera CNC milling machine. My interest in the Carvera is for small-scale manufacturing of circuit boards. While not quite as easy (yet!) as my old OtherMill CNC machine, I really like the automatic tool-changing capability, larger work surface, 4th axis capability, and the multiple materials that can…

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GoR 92: The Return of the Return of GoR

Gears of Resistance #92 for July 28, 2022 This week we cover: Arduino Cloud Thread Security versus Privacy | Ben Franklin Quote Context [Download] For more DIY/Maker, STEAM, citizen science, digital citizenship, open source, and security news follow along on Twitter, Facebook , or our YouTube Channel. Or listen to the audio-only version at Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher or…

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Ten Books on Making

Inspired by Vitruvius and his Ten Books on Architecture, we are going to take a stab at Ten Books on Making. Releasing under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Please follow along at and

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Web-based CTF Tools

List of of tools I have found to be useful conducting cybersecurity CTF training: CyberChef Md5 Decrypt & Encrypt EXIF Data Viewer Canarytokens URL and website scanner – Grabify IP Logger & URL Shortener Shodan Search Engine OSINT Framework SpiderFoot HX Google Hacking Database (GHDB) – Google Dorks, OSINT, Recon StegOnline If you are…

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HackerRadio:WiFi-Controlled FM Radio

NodeMCU + I2C-controlled FM Transmitter + AP Mode + TRS Electret Microphone = Remote Control Listening Device Adafruit Stereo FM Transmitter with RDS/RBDS Breakout – Si4713 Solder length of wire for antenna Wire up Si4713 breakout board to NodeMCU Node Si4713 3V -> VIN GND -> GND D1 -> SDA D2 -> SCL Connect TRS…

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Xojo + Arduino

Digging on Xojo. It took me less than an hour to whip together a crude prototype that let me achieve four goals: Pick an Arduino (or any serial device) from a list of COM ports. Connect/disconnect on the fly. Read data from the analog pins on the Arduino. Send commands to toggle the LEDs. Save…

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