The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated!  But…..

We have sunset STEAM Power Podcast, or rather it will be subsumed into Gears of Resistance as a segment on that show.  In short, life got nuts and I needed to consolidate to stay sane.

Also, I was getting tired of doing things I felt were half-ass.  Podcasts that reports news, even nerdy news on STEAM topics, are a dime a dozen.  I also hate unboxing videos for the sake of a review only. Conversely, I love tutorials and teaching tips and tricks. Not to say I am an expert on any one topic but it’s where my heart is happiest.

So we are going light on the news, strictly one-minute per article and only one article for each part of the STEAM abbreviation. Tool and service reviews will be limited to those tools used in the project video. In short, I want to focus GoR as a means to share practical hands-on DIY skills.

I still like the idea of alternating weeks between audio-only (podcast) and prerecorded video (YouTube) and augmented between shows with live video (Twitch). One option is to focus on showing the skills in videos and talking about the news and product reviews in the audio only podcasts. Maybe?  Don’t know. Figuring that mix out is what I am working on now. So check back in a few weeks for a brand spankin’ new GoR.