IMG_1571Gears of Resistance Episode #19
22 December 2015


The maker skills we want to learn in 2016:

  1. CNC Milling  |  Inventables Carvey
  2. Metalworking and Welding   |  Harbor Freight
  3. 3D Printing  |  123D Design
  4. 3D Scanning  | Skanect  |  123D Catch
  5. Airbrushing  |  Master  |   Air Compressor and Tank
  6. Laser Cutting  |  NEJE Laser Engraver
  7. Molds, Models, Props, Costumes (Wearables)  |  Punished Props
  8. PCB Design  |  KiCAD
  9. New Embedded Platforms  |  Adafruit Feather
  10. Android, iOS, and web development
  11. Photography and videography  |  Snap Chick  |  Film Riot
  12. Karma Go

Don’t forget this is a great time of year to go through your lab or workshop and tidy up.  Get rid of the clutter and donate unneeded tools or supplies to your local school, library, or makerspace.


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CNC, Milling, Inventables, Carvey, Metalworking, Welding, Harbor Freight, 3D Printing, 123D Design, 3D Scanning, Skanect, 123D Catch, Airbrushing, Master, Laser Cutting, NEJE Laser Engraver, props, Costumes, Wearables, Punished Props, KiCAD, Adafruit Feather, Android, iOS, web development, photography, videography, Snap Chick, Film Riot, Karma Go