pcbGears of Resistance Episode #18
8 November 2015


This week the stories are:

  1. Extra Life Fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
  2. KiCAD
  3. EagleCAD
  4. Simon Monk EagleCAD Book
  5. Fritzing
  6. Simon Monk Fritzing Book
  7. Mouser MultiSIM Blue
  8. SparkFun According to Pete PCB YouTube Videos
  9. SparkFun DRC Rules
  10. How to Create Arduino PCB Shield
  11. CircuitCalculator.com
  12. SMD LEDs
  13. Adafruit PCB Ruler
  14. Octopart Common Parts Library
  15. SnapEDA
  16. Parts.io
  17. 3D Board Viewer
  18. OSHPark
  19. Particle.io Building a BOM Guide
  20. PCB Assembly Express
  21. GSG Q Branch


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Music is “Computer Control” by Tom Woxom, available at http://freemusicarchive.org/

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