Gears of Resistance Episode #16
12 October 2015


This week the stories are:

  1. Join the GoR Slack Community |
  2. $9 CHIP Computer is Shipping!
  3. AutoDesk open sources Ember 3D Printer, Fusion 360 Update
  4. AutoDesk 123D Apps
  5. Photon Environmental Datalogger GitHub Repo
  6. BuddyBot Project Write-Up Example
  7. GitLab
  8. Evernote
  9. EagleUp (EagleCAD to SketchUp 3D Model Tool)
  10. EagleCAD
  11. Lexan Acrylic Sheets

My current setup for documenting a project:

  • 3D Files:  The raw 3D models and STL exports
  • Documentation:  Screen captures of all physical products, BOMs, User Guides
  • Eagle: The schematic and board files. Gerber files and exports from EagleUp ULP.
  • Software: Subfolders for each unique codebase (e.g. Firmware folderfor Photon firmware, Server folder for HTML, CSS, and Node.js files)

What do you do to document your OSHW projects?


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