diversity“To improve the quality of life for someone is a very powerful feeling.”
Johns Hopkins Magazine Summer 2015

Building technology is relatively simple these days thanks to advances in computer aided design tool and cheap manufacturing techniques. But building great technology that changes peoples lives for the better is as elusive as effort. Reason being, building great tech is not about mastering bit, bytes, nuts and bolts. It’s about learning to read and understand people and their intentions versus their actions.

These are some random thoughts on becoming a better engineer by becoming a people person and embracing diversity. Technical knowledge and education will get you far, but understanding how people think and interact with each other and with their technology, will make you a much better engineer. Given that many engineers are introverts, embracing a diverse set of co-workers can help improve your chances of success in building products that people want to use and feel comfortable with using. More brains from a greater variety of backgrounds is a decent, though not perfect, substitute for being more extroverted. However you go about it, learning to understand people is an invaluable skill for engineers.


Clipart courtesy of clker.com