Goodbye Internet, Hello Comcastnet

The freewheeling nature, anonymity and openness of the Internet is what has made it successful and a beacon for innovation.  It is democracy in “tangible” form.  It is the single greatest equalizer ever invented, not in the Robin Hood sense of taking from the rich and giving to the poor; but rather by giving everyone equal chance of success if they work hard enough.  It does not matter where you started in life, you have the chance to make it big based on merit and skill. That is what’s lost if we lose net neutrality. Say goodbye to innovation, say goodbye to creativity, say good bye to “rugged” entrepreneurialism (as opposed to rugged individualism that defined the American spirit of yesteryears). If we lose net neutrality then we once again succumb to an unleveled playing field dominated corporate greed, special interest lobbying, and too much government regulation.  We, as a collective society (corporations, small business, governments, special interests groups, individual citizens) must realize that ensuring net neutrality is vital to the preservation of our civil liberties and fair capitalism.  No one gets 100% of what they would like, but we are all better off in the long run. In short, everyone get yours hands off our Internet!