tecI just want to give a huge shout out to Jeff, Adam, and Carmen from The Engineering Commons podcast for having me on!  It was so much fun we recorded over 2 nights!  Mostly due to a bad Internet connection on my part.  We discussed art and it’s inspiration for and place amongst the STEM world.  For me, art is both something I create (drawings, photography) and things other create that I enjoy such as music and movie/product concept art.  Art is inspiration.  Art is getting the creative juices flowing.  Without art, STEM would be boring.  Art unleashes the imagination.

We also touched on my experiences as a systems engineer and Navy Civil Engineer Corps officer.  We also hit up on my company and passion for the maker movement.

EDIT:  TEC Podcast episode #50 titled “Art of Engineering” is now up, click here to listen.  Thanks again gents!