internet I love America.  But we are at risk of losing some of our shine.  Case in point.  Rwanda.  Yes, that Rwanda.  Rwanda will have 4G LTE with speeds at 100 Mbps to 95% of the populace.  Let me say that again.  Rwanda.  100 Mbps Internet.  I am lucky on a very good day to get 15 Mbps.  Japan has started ripping out their 1000 Mbps infrastructure in favor of 2000 Mbps Internet.  Meanwhile the US is just starting to get 1000 Mbps thanks to a war cry from Google.  But you can literally count on one hand the number of locations that Google Fiber is planned for.  Symmetric high speed Internet will make and break economies and communities in the near future.  Many say because of our size we can’t afford it easily.  Reality is we can’t afford to NOT invest in gigabit+ symmetric Internet access.  In the not too distant future, most of our daily lives will be conducted over the Internet, freeing us to live anywhere we want (or have to given circumstances) but still not miss out on access to the best schools, doctors, entertainment and more.  The only thing that will hold that digital utopia back from people will be access to gigabit symmetric Internet access at dirt cheap prices.

Source: Wired