Seeed Studio Bluetooth shield not shown.

I am uploading a reference design for a “reverse geocaching box” using the Open Location app.  The design is based on the following criteria:

* Arduino Uno (Having the I2C SDA and SCL lines with dedicated pins is a help)

* SeeedStudio Bluetooth Shield (TX on pin 6, RX on pin 7)

*  PWM for micro servo (Pin 9)8 AA batteries for power.

*  Adafruit I2C LCD backpack to drive the display using minimal number of pins.

I will upload the Fritzing file here.

NOTE:  The image above and Fritzing file do NOT reflect the Seeed Studio Bluetooth shield being used.  The shield does not change the pin out, expect for the fact that the version of the shield I am using, it does not have the I2C SCL or SDA headers.  Fortunately there is enough room to wire the SDA and SCL lines directly onto the Uno.

Also, I am still trying to ensure that when the servo moves, that there is not enough draw of current to cause the supply voltage to drop so low as to reset the Arduino.  I am experimenting with various capacitors combinations.  I recommend trying 10uF across the Vcc and GND on the near the servo.  Also, a .1uF across the servo PWM signal pin and GND.