Over the weekend my family attended RobotFest at the National Electronics Museum. It was an awesome event that introduced my daughter to soldering, rockets, and R2-D2. Hopefully this will inspire her to find her inner geek. The highlight for me was watching my daughter solder her first bit of electronics. It was a simple idea that the kids loved so I thought I’d share. It’s called a Vibra-Bot. The simple design requires the following:

Vibrating motor from a pager
Button cell battery
2 wires
2 paper clips
Wire mesh
Hot glue
Soldering iron and associated soldering material
Wire strippers and cutters
Safety glasses
Craft supplies (felt, pipe cleaners, etc.)

Simply attach the electric components as show in the drawing and attach that assembly to the underside of the wire mesh. Then you get to decorate, which surprisingly, was my daughter’s favorite part. This is an easy and fun project for your budding geek. Any other ideas for introducing your kids to electronics? Please share below.