Lately there has been all the rage for the ‘UX’ experts — User Experience gurus.  UX expert is a person who specializes in ensuring websites and software is ‘user friendly’.  It is more broad than the traditional User Interface (UI) in that UI focuses on a single screen of interactivity whereas UX is more of a focus on the interactive process across multiple screens of interfaces.  But alas UX still is a focus of one person-to-one website (or application, but seeing as web applications are going to replace traditional software in time, we will user the terms interchangeably).   And that UX focus also tends to be centered around customer to company.  And though this is all that is needed by small, single market focus companies with limited interactions outside of direct customer interactions, it is not good enough for medium and large enterprises.

Improving Your BX — Business Experience

Enter the BX expert — the Business Experience guru.  A BX Guru is someone who blends technology smarts with business savvy.  They ensure a consistent business workflow across all interfaces both internal (department to department) and external (your company to its suppliers, vendors, etc.

The BX expert is focused on ensuring that your company is working as efficiently as possible and using technology as effectively as possible.  They ensure that interfaces between all facets of the business are well defined and that interactions are tightly controlled through a common software interface.  Less variety of datasets ensure consistency and thus less time reconciling different datasets.  Consistent UI ensures little, if any, retraining when moving between various applications.  A BX expert is also someone who keeps up-to-date on the latest web applications that are available and can make intelligent recommendations on which ones could be used to help improve business productivity.  At the same time they recognize when a custom-built internal solution is the better solution and can recommend the appropriate technologies to build those tools with.