“That the passing of our friend the horse is only a question of time […] however much the breeders of the [horse] may strive to arrest the progresses of public opinion in the adoption of this view […] and there is little room to doubt that they will ere long have to accept the inevitable, and, with what grace they may, admit defeat at the hands of the ‘horseless'”
“Horse Versus Automobile: A French View”
The American Review of Reviews, September 1910, Page 368

Back when automobiles were first invented, people claimed that they would never be popular.  After all horses didn’t require gas, they could eat grass anywhere.  Where was one suppose to find gasoline?  Who wants to pay for gasoline?  There expensive to operate and maintain!  And still they are now ubiquitous.  Seems interesting that people are making the same exact arguments against electric vehicles.  Battery technology is inefficient, it’s not cost effective, etc.  One would think we’d learn from the past eventually.  The reality is every new technology starts off with similar problems.  And in time as the market grows and matures, prices will drop thanks to the free and open market.  In short, all the limitation to batteries are simply awaiting an engineer to overcome.  And when they do, watch out, because then it will spread like wildfire.  So, if someone is wise and entrepreneurial with a gift to predict to the future, how could one cash in on the next big thing in transportation?

My thought in a nutshell … “Route 66.  For the 21st century.”  Remember when driving cross country was a romanticized idea.  Route 66 was where you could get your kicks!  Entire cities sprung up along the roads the traversed the nation.  This was a time before the interstate highway system, a time when the journey was at least as important as the destination.  I think a bunch of entrepreneurial small cities that are still trying to recover from the Great Recession will find a niche in creating a new Route 66 for electric vehicles.  The national highway infrastructure is crumbling anyways so now is a perfect time to build a new, smart highway system and with it new cities that will cater to the electric vehicle traveler.  Imagine entire small towns where every parking spot doubles as a charging station which draws its power from renewable sources.  Now charging a battery will take more time than just adding gasoline but this goes back to the idea that the journey should be as exciting and fun as the destination.  Travel by train is slower than air travel, but some would say travel by train is more enjoyable.  Think of all the small businesses that could prosper from building businesses in these cities that cater to electric vehicle travelers.  More restaurants, entertainment venues, and hotels to cater to the traveler that has to wait a few hours for his/her car to recharge.  Imagine a sales promotions where you could get $20 off a vehicle re-charge with purchase of two entrees at Flo’s Diner?  Technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and capitalism at its finest!

Here’s the bottom line to the naysayers.  Electric vehicles are the future.  Be it 5, 10, or 20 years.  They are the end state for the family car at the least, perhaps even all modes of transportation currently fueled by fossil fuels.  It will happen sooner or later.  Technology only moves forward and jumps forward faster than we can ever predict.  See you out on Route 66!