helpoutsIf you’ve had the chance to try a Google Helpouts, especially as someone who offers Helpouts sessions, you can’t help be amazed. Helpouts represents the commercializations of Google Hangouts introduced with Google+ a few years back. In a nutshell Helpouts creates a marketplace where subject matter experts can, if they choose, to get paid to offer consulting services to anyone in the world. In my first 3 Helpouts I was able to offer advice to folks in the United States, South Africa, and Germany within 1.5 hours. The biggest headache…. bandwidth. I have been shouting from the rooftops why symmetric gigabit Internet access is a crucial indicator for the survivability of communities in the future. Now that work is no longer associated with a “place” and knowledge workers can be free to move anywhere, they will go where there be symmetric gigabit Internet access at a fair price. Uploading is rapidly becoming just as, if not more important than the download speed especially for a younger more mobile workforce. And if you need any more proof, just checkout a bandwidth constrained Helpout. It’s time to break the local municipal backed monopolies and start getting real competition in our neighborhoods for quality, symmetric gigabit Internet access.