I am in the middle of reading a terrific book called by Thomas Friedman called “The World is Flat”. Back in college I had to read another book of his called the “The Lexus and the Olive Tree” for a political science course. I should clarify at this point, I am actually listening to the audio book he recorded on my Zune as a I drive to and from work. His first book while good, doesn’t hold a candle to the “The World is Flat”, or TWIF as I call it. The main reason I love this book, it mixes together technology with society and politics. It demonstrates the pivotal role that technology is playing in globalization to flatten the world. But what really gets me engrossed is his ability to paint the picture of what is and what will happen to America if we continue down the road of ignoring these changes, especially when it comes to adopting mobile technology, broadband Internet and renewable energy. The harm not only hits our economy today but the education of our children tomorrow. I would encourage anyone involved in policy or politics to read this book; and more importantly for engineers, scientists, and technologists to get involved with shaping local, state, and national policy.