Today was a significant day for my daughter in term’s of her fledgling computer life. It is hard to imagine that she will never live in a world that was not influenced by the instant messenger, e-mail, Google, mySpace, YouTube, Flickr, TiVo, cell phones, Xbox 360 (yes she even came after the original Xbox), Vonage, and the list could go on and on. So what made today special? Well three things occurred. She received her first “real” laptop computer, the V-Tech learning system type. Secondly, she typed her first Word document. And lastly she navigated the Internet ( without me moving the mouse on her behalf. No, today she took the mouse in hand and played a wildy entertaining round of “Wow, Wow Wubzy” video games. At first she complained it was too hard (granted the mouse is too big for her pint sized hands), but with some encouragement, she played the game on her own. The smile on her face was AMAZING! I think she had that feeling you got when you first got your driver’s license and took to the road on your own for the first time. In one word, freedom. Or control. Either way, her smile was infectious and I too basked in the moment. Give me the Internet, or give me death!