My goal, as a professional is to encompass the above 4 roles. Ideally, I would like to have a job that permits me to participate in all four disciplines. The two critical attributes form the base of the pyramid, engineer and leader, are core to what I want to be. As an engineer, I must be a technical expert well versed in computer programming, circuit and microprocessor design, networking, and various computer related skills. In addition, I must be a leader, not just a manager. All too often people preach management, but that allows you only be successful at the business side of things. Leadership goes much deeper. Getting others to not only accomplish the mission but also instilling pride and self-motivation into your followers so that they will be self-starters and lead themselves. That allows for even greater successes to follow. Next, a businessman is important in that being a good designer and leader will only get you so far, to attain truly great heights of success the work that is done by you and your people must be sent forth to the rest of the world. Marketing and selling of your hard-work not only brings “fame and fortune” but will present further avenues for even greater successes. At the top, is Teacher. The capstone of the three supporting functions. To teach the skills that you have mastered to others; so that future generations may continue your work and further better society. That is of the utmost importance.